Clearing up the mess of National Locksmiths

I have often warned customers via my Social Media pages that its not always a very good idea to use National Locksmith companies. They often employ under-qualified, so called locksmiths with only a few weeks experience, days of experience in some cases.

National Locksmith companies also do not always care about a friendly, professional and local service, going instead for a hit and run approach, all in the pursuit of vast profits for a company that can be based hundreds of miles from Ipswich.

Typically they have head offices in large cities and their services are run like franchises. They often have very unprofessional people who really don’t care about charging you in excess of £150.00 to have your front door taken off its hinges, you are in your now right? So its all good, even if the wind and rain is whistling through the broken window or the door frame is damaged beyond repair.

They then leave with the cash and you are in a bad security predicament that was ten times worse than before and you can’t always claim this sort of damage off your home insurance and even if you can it will take weeks to resolve- that is even if you can find the Locksmith that did the damage in the first place.

It may seem exaggerated, but there are hundreds of unprofessional people masquerading as professional Locksmiths in the UK, they have had a few hours training off the job and don’t really have much experience into how to repair a damaged lock without resorting to a hammer or a drill. These people cause untold damage and monetary pain to vulnerable people and exploit them for money, often many hundreds of pounds and in the end the poor individual has to call in a good local locksmith to repair the damage which causes them to be more out of pocket.

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What actually is a Locksmith?

What actually is a Locksmith?

I am often asked what a Locksmith actually is and what we actually do. There is some confusion around as to what a Locksmith work actually involves.
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According to Wikipedia, the art of the locksmith began as the science of defeating a lock and it goes on to say that a lock is a mechanical device that provides security for buildings, rooms or storage and that a key is often used to open a lock.

Defeating a lock means just that and based on my experience I can open a very high percentage of them without damage. There are a few high security locks that can be hard to get into but on the whole no lock that has been manufactured up until now is capable of resisting being defeated. All it takes is time, experience and the correct specialist tools.

Another part of the locksmiths work is assembling locks, providing keys and designing suitable security systems for a specific premises or object. For instance a bank is going to need far higher security than a shed.

So the work of a Locksmith appears quite simple on the outside but like with a lot of things in life it’s all about how you do it. For example if you call a locksmith and they show up with a large drill and not much else it’s probably time to get out the yellow pages again.

I can open a lock without smashing it to smithereens which it turn saves you money as you don’t have to pay out for a new lock.

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