Suffolk Security and How secure is my Safe?

Suffolk Security and How secure is my Safe?

Safes are widely used by many different people, from businesses to homeowners, to keep precious and valuable items safe. Thousands of safes exist throughout the world. So how safe is a safe and what do you look out for when buying one? Are safes as secure as they seem? Will they protect you from a determined criminal? Paul answers your questions in this blog post.

Safes are not as secure as you would imagine.

Safes are not as secure as many people think. Paying for the best quality safe always offers you more protection. A determined and skilled thief will always be able to defeat a safe. A cheap safe will remain secure for seconds whereas a high quality safe will remain secure for maybe a half hour. Paying more for better security gets you more time but does not lessen the chances of a determined criminal eventually gaining access to your valuables. Safes should be used in tandem with other security devices. The more you pay the harder it is for a criminal but that doesn’t mean impossible.

Short and sweet

The most usual thing that happens with a safe is that the criminal will take the whole safe. They won’t hang around with an ear to the combination lock listening for the clicks as depicted in many old black and white movies. A thief is not concerned with being that technical just yet, all they want to do is get the safe out of your house in as little time as possible. Once they have the safe away from the crime scene they can then do what they need to do to crack the safe, even if it takes them days. By then it’s too late, your safe has gone and any valuables along with it.

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