What to do if you suffer a Burglary in Rural Suffolk

What to do if you suffer a Burglary in Rural Suffolk

What to do if you suffer a burglary in rural Suffolk

It is unlikely that you will meet a burglar in your home or office because most break-ins happen when a property is empty. It is always best to prepare for a burglary or break-in however. I myself had to go see an elderly couple in August to repair the damage to their locks that had occurred after their Woodbridge home was broken into.

Carry an alarm and make lots of noise.

Always ensure you have a good property alarm system and CCTV, a personal alarm in your pocket, (not your handbag as it can be ripped away from you) always keep your mobile near or carry it around with you and don’t be afraid to make as much noise as you can possibly make if your home is broken into. Scream, throw things, shout, call for help, call the police and try to make any locals aware that something is happening. Anything that is loud and likely to make people pay attention can scare burglars away.

Always have an escape planned

Always have an escape route, talk to your neighbours and ask if it’s possible to run to their property if you feel threatened and scared. Always keep exits clear and run through what you would do. This is also lifesaving if you have a fire in your property. If you have children always ensure you make provisions for adequate escape.
Most burglars will try to access a property via a back door or window and then try to leave via the back door as they are less likely to be seen that way. They will usually head for the bedrooms for jewellery and electronics. Never try to confront a burglar, they may panic and become violent,

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