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24 Hour Emergency Locksmith in Ipswich

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith in Ipswich

I often get called out by customers at all hours of the day for various lock emergencies. Generally this is because someone has either had a burglary, have lost their keys or they have a lock that has broken and won’t work. I am on call 24 Hours a day and often can be found helping someone who is in a state of panic, get into their home using my non destructive locksmith processes to gain entry to their house, usually at 3am after they have come home from a night out.

Using my 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith services means that there are no hidden charges, you get a polite and professional service and above all and honest and local one, I can be on your doorstep in as little as 30 minutes on average. The quote I give you will be the price you pay and there will not be any additional charges you were not aware of to rack up the bill.

I am a local locksmith and not part of a franchise or national chain, I don’t use call centres either, so when you call Paul Montgomery 24 Hr Locksmiths I am the actual locksmith that comes to visit you. The person you talk to on the phone is the person that’s carrying out the locksmith services for you. I started my business from scratch, after undergoing professional locksmith training at an approved training centre and have now been a locksmith for many years. I am often to be seen driving around the Ipswich area as I am on the way to serve  local customers. I have a fully stocked van with all the latest equipment and hold more keys and spares than you will find in somewhere like Wickes or B&Q. This means that 99.9% of the time I can repair or replace your broken lock in the same visit and its rarely the case that any follow up visit is required.

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Maintaining your locks and what to do if your key is getting stuck

Maintaining your locks and what to do if your key is getting stuck

Often over time locks require maintenance to perform properly and being as they are mechanical devices, are just as prone to lack of maintenance as your car or any other precision piece of engineering. If your key is sticking in the lock here are a few pointers to look out for:

If your lock is working on the catch but not on the key, then examine your key to see if there is anything missing, check its straight and flat along its length, ensure there is nothing catching on it like an oversize keyring and also make sure its spotlessly clean and there is no debris caught in the flutes and the key edge. Also ensure the barrel is not loose in the body which can point to internal damage. In order to work properly a key and it s lock must be in good condition and nice and clean.

If your key is stuck in the lock try holding your finger on the cover plate on the barrel if on a high security front door lock and then try and remove the key, as sometimes the plate can catch the key preventing removal.

If they key is stuck try gently jiggling it left to right and back and forth while trying to either remove or turn it, if it then comes out or the lock opens, then your lock may be old and worn or the mechanism may need a clean. Do not force it, if it wont come out without a minimum of pressure then its best to call me as your lock may sustain damage if you are too heavy handed. To clean a lock you can use specialist sprays but be careful of using things like WD40 as this can cause dirt to stick to the inside and make the problem worse.

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Advanced Google verification probably coming to the UK

Advanced Google verification probably coming to the UK

Next year Google is probably going to introduce advanced verification for certain trades in the UK to be able to show their business on Google. At present this is happening in the US for certain trades such as Locksmiths in particular.

Google sent an email out that said that they plan to introduce a more stringent business verification process which they are presently trialing in some US cities. It means that all the specific trades they are targeting will need to go through the new process. Failing to do will mean that they get removed from Google maps which as you can imagine is like death for any small business.

The process is apparently fairly simple and consists of a few questions from Google and an application with a verification service that is a Google recognised third party. The process takes about 14 days or so. Any new businesses will also have to go through the same process.

Adwords is not immune either and that will also have to go through a verification process. You can read more about the process here on Google My Business.

So why target Locksmiths for these checks?

The trouble with the locksmith industry is that its well known that a lot of locksmiths are not really genuine and carry out a lot of underhand scams and schemes which leave customers in the lurch often hundreds of pounds out of pocket, Google is very wise to these scams and is starting to take things like this much more seriously, after all it wants businesses on Google that are served to customers in their best interests.

As we all know it only takes a few rogue traders to ruin the business for everyone and we have seen this in the past with Double Glazing and the reputation it had in the past for bad selling practices.

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Always stop an Ipswich Locksmith who gets a drill out and call another.

Always stop an Ipswich Locksmith who gets a drill out and call another.

It may sound implausible but many locksmith company owners, especially national chains and franchises, simply train their locksmiths to drill out old locks and then replace them with new before trying anything else. This is obviously to save time on the job, charge for new parts and get the maximum profit out of the customer. This is clearly not good if you are a customer who suffers from the experience of needing a locksmith repeatedly due to being prone to losing keys.

Often the solution to getting into your house or business premises can be a far simpler affair, as simple as picking a lock in under 30 seconds, but some shady locksmith companies go straight for the drill and then charge the customer a huge amount of money for the replacement and the privilege of having their quite serviceable locks destroyed beyond repair by a drill bit delivered on the end of a Black and Decker.

These kinds of locksmiths are trained to deliver you a solution that is the easiest for them, yields the most profit from replacement parts, allows them to charge you more money for the service and dismisses any proper and correct solutions that favour the customer. Think of it like you go to a garage to have a puncture repaired but are manipulated into buying four new tyres and an oil change – you are then charged £250 when a £25 service would have cured the problem. These kinds of locksmiths prey on the elderly, single parents, first time customers, the weak and infirm, the poor and people that generally have never used a locksmith or don’t know much about locks. Due to this they more often than not, never get taken to task about the extortionate service they are providing.

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Ipswich Locksmith Tips – When should I change a door lock?

Ipswich Locksmith Tips – When should I change a door lock?

A door that has the correct type of lock and is properly locked is a must in helping prevent burglars getting into your home or business. This is especially true in and around Ipswich where crime seems to be on the rise, it seems not a day goes by without a report of a burglary or break in on the Evening Star website. Replacing a door lock and being proactive about looking after the locks on your house or office entry points is a small price to pay to ensure they are working as they should be. Door locks that are up to date and work well without problems help prevent expensive call-outs from a locksmith and also add defence from intruders. Home or office security should be 100% reliable.

So I am going to run through when you should replace a lock and help you see what to look for.

Worn Locks

A work or corroded door lock is a weakness in how secure your home will be. Old, rusty or worn locks are easier to pick, especially on cars and they get harder to open with the correct key the worse the wear becomes. If you have a lock that has a loose key, jams when you try to unlock, appears corroded or you know it’s worn, it’s time to get it replaced. A worn or corroded lock is just waiting to go wrong and either leave you stuck outside or become an easy picking for a criminal.


If you have suffered a burglary or a break in you should immediately see about getting your locks changed. This is a 100% must and I cannot impress on you hard enough how important this is. A break in compromises all of your security,

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Suffolk Security and How secure is my Safe?

Suffolk Security and How secure is my Safe?

Safes are widely used by many different people, from businesses to homeowners, to keep precious and valuable items safe. Thousands of safes exist throughout the world. So how safe is a safe and what do you look out for when buying one? Are safes as secure as they seem? Will they protect you from a determined criminal? Paul answers your questions in this blog post.

Safes are not as secure as you would imagine.

Safes are not as secure as many people think. Paying for the best quality safe always offers you more protection. A determined and skilled thief will always be able to defeat a safe. A cheap safe will remain secure for seconds whereas a high quality safe will remain secure for maybe a half hour. Paying more for better security gets you more time but does not lessen the chances of a determined criminal eventually gaining access to your valuables. Safes should be used in tandem with other security devices. The more you pay the harder it is for a criminal but that doesn’t mean impossible.

Short and sweet

The most usual thing that happens with a safe is that the criminal will take the whole safe. They won’t hang around with an ear to the combination lock listening for the clicks as depicted in many old black and white movies. A thief is not concerned with being that technical just yet, all they want to do is get the safe out of your house in as little time as possible. Once they have the safe away from the crime scene they can then do what they need to do to crack the safe, even if it takes them days. By then it’s too late, your safe has gone and any valuables along with it.

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When you will need an Ipswich Auto Locksmith

Skoda Auto LocksmithAt some point in our travelling life most of us are bound to have an issue with car keys. Nearly a quarter of drivers lose car keys at some point and about 1 in 10 have had theirs stolen.

This is where an auto locksmith like myself will be able to help. I specialise in locksmith services for all kinds of car including replacement car keys, keys locked in car, damaged car keys and replacement car keys. I can provide these services for cars, vans, mobile homes, caravans, buses and coaches, trucks and lorries and even scooters and motorcycles.

Replacement Cars Keys

Car Key Programming IpswichAs an Auto Locksmith I can order blank keys, cut and program new keys for you. Sometimes only the key portion needs replacing as it’s snapped or has worn through years of use or the design allows for this. Getting new car keys can be quite a hard process and can leave you with frayed nerves, but I am fully geared up to make the process simple and as easy as possible. It is also often cheaper to get me to replace your car keys than it is to get them from a main dealer.

New Spare Key

VW Golf Locksmith IpswichI highly advise to have a spare car key in case you lose or break one. This can mean the difference between getting away on time for your holiday or getting to work on time. It can even save valuable time in an emergency. Getting a spare set of car keys made by an auto locksmith such as myself is a prudent course of action.

Lost Car Keys

If you have lost your car keys, if you have had me cut you a spare set you are lucky,

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Ipswich Locksmith News- April 2015

Customer Locks himself out of a VW Golf

Locksmith Ipswich - VW GolfOn Sunday I had a callout to a customer who had locked himself out of his car, a Volkswagen Golf. He had called his insurance company who sent out a mechanic to try and unlock it, but as the car was deadlocked it was impossible for it to be opened with the tools he had arrived with.

The mechanic had damaged the roof of the car by sticking Gaffer tape on it, just above the door, in an attempt to prevent tools from marking the car. The tape then baked in the sun and caused damage to the paint when it was removed.
Fortunately I was able to get into the car without any fuss or bother and most importantly without further damage to the car or the locks. Another satisfied customer.

Suffolk Car owner locked out of a Ford outside a key cutting shop

Ford Tibbe Locksmith IpswichAnother customer I visited this week had locked himself out of his Ford outside a key cutting shop of all places. The shop had kindly telephoned me on behalf of the customer. Using my specialist tooling from the well respected Locksmith tooling company Safe Ventures, I was able to unlock the car and get the customer on their way.

Older Fords use Tibbe Locks and Safe Ventures provide by far the best tools for these locks. They also do training which I have been on twice and will go again in the near future.

Key Alike Services in Ipswich

3G114E pt 1I provide key alike services which is when customers want the same key to unlock more than one lock. Below is an image of one I did recently for a customer.

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Ipswich Locksmith News – March 2015

Nottingham Locksmith Expo

Last weekend I went to the Annual Locksmith Expo in Nottingham and really enjoyed my time there. It was run over 2 days. It is the annual exhibition for UK Locksmiths and is a trade expo and conference.

There are also demonstrations of locksmith tools and training taking place on the first day. Many large lock and safe companies have exhibits and so it’s a useful event to attend to network and learn about the new advances in lock technology.

I didn’t take any photos as I didn’t want to appear like a tourist but I demoed some of the tools that Outside In Tools supply. A thoroughly enjoyable two days and it was great to put some names to the faces I deal with in my trade. Here is the expo site if you are interested: http://lockexpo.co.uk/

3 Lever Deadlock

Locksmith Ipswich 24 Hour CalloutThis week I had a call-out to visit a customer who had lost the keys to his bedroom. The bunch also had the keys for his front and back door, the keys for four sheds and their padlocks. He was desperate for access to the sheds.
So we agreed for a quick fix to saw the padlocks off as they were the small and cheap varieties you find on eBay or in local pound shops. I also non-destructively unlocked the 3 Lever Deadlock on his bedroom door. He was happy so I was happy. Here is an image of the locksmith work in progress:

Stowmarket Charity Shop Lock Repair

Chubb Locksmith IpswichOn Monday I visited a Charity Shop in Stowmarket. The customer had told me the key was very loose in the lock. I stripped the lock and replaced the curtain and it was working as a brand new lock again.

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