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Paul Montgomery Locksmiths is a family owned, Ipswich based, independent professional locksmith company run by myself Paul Montgomery. I have been providing highly regarded locksmith services both in Ipswich and the surrounding local area for many years. I offer a full range of Locksmith services that are tailored to each of my customers. Because I am not part of  a national chain, a franchise or am a sub contractor, all the work I carry out is on the traditional basis of that of the business and customer, good old fashioned customer service like you should expect and get from your favourite local small businesses.

When you ring Paul Montgomery Locksmiths, you are not calling a vast call centre where you are just a number, but you will actually be speaking to me, the man who comes out to do the locksmith work at your home or business. I wont be travelling up from London or some other place 75 miles away armed with a drill to rip the lock out of your door, but I will be driving from NE Ipswich to you and using my specialist and non destructive tools to provide a professional service.

Being local and living locally means I have far more comeback if I mess customers about or do a poor job because I have a local reputation to uphold, whereas someone sent from a call centre in another part of the country can go home without another thought if they do a bad job, never to be seen again.

I have a great deal of pride in providing a genuine and professional locksmith service to my customers and my many reviews attest to how I value giving good customer service. I can often be seen buzzing about the town in my van on the way to rescue someone who has locked themselves out or needs a new lock fitted and I have built a loyal customer following over the years. Over 95% of my customers come back to me with repeat business which is great, because it means I have built a relationship with them built on trust and quality service.

I have also over the years provided locksmith services for many local businesses, including businesses like John Grose, East Anglian Gunsmiths, Revolution and many smaller local retailers and commercial enterprises.

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