Add More Locks to Your Home or Office

Add More Locks to Your Property

Adding better security to your home or office by adding locks and security devices is always a good idea and can be a budget friendly way of being more secure, this is especially the case if you have older wooden style doors and windows. Manufacturers are always improving security in their product lines and standards are updated each year to take into account changing threats.

I can offer a service where I can fit additional locks and chains to your current doors and windows, fitting newer style locks, handles and additional security.
Its a great way of being more secure without the expense of new doors and windows.

Making sure you have adequate security as threats evolve over time is critical to keeping your property secure. It is a known fact that over a third of burglars enter through a back door or an insecure window.

Adding Window Locks

Window Locks are a great way of adding additional security to your property. They are not expensive and are easy to fit and can be fitted to all styles of window. You must ensure you use the locks and that you remove any keys and keep them safe for this style of security to work effectively.

You can add additional security to your windows in the form of Window Locks. They are fairly cheap to buy and easy to fit and they can usually be fitted to all frame styles. They also have an approved British Standard - BS7950

Door Chains

Door chains when added to a door restrict the door opening so you can answer the door without fear of letting the person in if you dont want to. Once you are ok with who is at your door you can remove the chain. They are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit your property.

Mortice Bolts

Mortice or rack bolts are fitted to front and back doors. They are very effective. Similar to mortice locks they have a bolt which is internal in the door frame. They are very strong and cannot be removed when the door is shut. You have to use a key to lock and unlock them. It is generally recommended to fit two per door.
Most insurance companies now state they should be fitted in insurance policies.

BS3621 Mortice Deadlocks

Mortice Deadlocks are also a condition of most insurance policies nowadays. The Home Office also recommends you fit them. It is current advice to use a 5-lever mortice deadlocks on all your outside doors. They also have a British Standard - BS3261:2004. A great security enhancement.

UPVC Door Locks

I can repair or replace your UPVC door locks and advice you if your current locks are up to standard. I can also fit additional locks and chains.

UPVC Window Locks

Give me a call today to see how adding more Window Locks to your UPVC windows can enhance your security. I will be happy to give you a quote.

Shed and Garage Locks

Garden buildings, sheds and garages are often not as secure as they should be and owners are also unaware of how much of a security risk they are. It is important to have secure outbuildings to prevent theft, protect tools and garden equipment and also to prevent burglars accessing tools they could use to break into your home.
Garages adjacent to property or built in to the ground floor can also be access points for burglary.

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