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Cylinder Lock Locksmith Services in Ipswich

Cylinder locks come in many different types from many different manufacturers, they are available in a variety of profiles and different locking mechanisms. They are amongst the easiest and fastest for a locksmith to remove and change, all without altering the existing door and its handles.

I offer a professional cylinder lock locksmith service throughout Ipswich, Suffolk and North Essex that is able to get to you within the hour if you are within 35 miles of Ipswich and within as little as 30 minutes if you are in Ipswich itself.

The four most common types of cylinder lock are:

  • Euro Cylinders - Used widely on UPVC doors, Composite Doors, Aluminium Doors, Patio Doors and Conservatory Doors.
  • British Oval Cylinders - Used on Aluminium Doors, Thumb-turns.
  • Swiss Profile Cylinders - Used on Thumb-turn fitments, Gates, Industrial Access.
  • Rim Cylinder Locks - Usually found on wooden doors, usually part of a night-latch, a traditional front door Yale style lock.

Cylinder locks allow for key systems to be put in place, such as those used in offices, hotels and larger organisations. Some examples of these systems are:

Keyed Alike: All the locks can be operated with the same key

  • Master Key - different keys for each lock, but one master key that will open them all.
  • Maison - Allows people in a block of flats for instance, to access the lounge and communal ablutions but not the private bedrooms.
  • Access Control - Electronic cylinder locks with a control unit, all connected in a smart system that has logging and access control restriction to certain areas. A fully digital smart locking system for many areas controlled in one system.

All the cylinder locks I fit are of a relevant standard, quality brands that are UK sourced and well known and incorporate the latest high security technology so you can be assured that your lock is working properly for you.

I offer cylinder lock servicing if your lock is stiff or tight, cylinder lock upgrades, cylinder lock changes and cylinder lock changes and upgrades for all types of doors including:

  • front doors
  • back doors
  • patio doors
  • conservatory doors
  • UPVC doors
  • wooden doors
  • aluminium doors
  • composite doors
  • bi fold doors
  • shed doors
  • summer house doors
  • internal doors
  • french doors
  • retail doors
  • garage doors
  • domestic and commercial.

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