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Locksmith Services for UPVC Doors

I have many years of expertise in the repair and replacement of locks on UPVC doors and windows, including Patio Doors, Conservatory Doors, Exterior Doors and French Windows

If you require a UPVC door lock repair or replacement I have a fully stocked van with a wide range of spares and replacements including OEM parts. This means usually only a single visit is required to carry out your repair.

Same Day UPVC Lock Repair

If your UPVC door lock has become stiff or wont turn or lock properly, its important to have it checked and serviced, most UPVC doors have multi-point locking systems which are gear driven and the gear teeth can shear off if not adjusted correctly. This means the gearbox becomes non functioning and the door cannot be locked. I can repair, service and adjust all UPVC door multi-point locking systems including those with Euro Cylinder locks.

I also offer an upgrade service for UPVC Door locks with locks replaced and fitted to British Standards and with newer anti-snap, anti-drilling and anti-bump technologies.

It is not a good idea to leave your multi point UPVC door locking system to go wrong and then call in a panic when it cannot be closed and locked, as precision mechanisms, just like cars and clocks, they need periodic maintenance and adjusting to last.

Once they have reached the stage the don't lock correctly, it is often much more expensive to rectify than if routine servicing was carried out.

UPVC door locks have different locking mechanisms depending on the manufacturer, they can be identified by the type of locking system in place, whether it has multiple hooks or bolts that move when the handle is lifted up.

In 2019 I serviced a multi point locking system that stopped working, not because the gearbox had failed, but because some insects had decided to set up home in the mechanism. It goes to show you can never tell what is wrong until you professionally take it apart and research the problem.

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