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Are You Locked Out or Lost Your Keys?

One of the most stressful things that can happen to someone is when arriving home you find that the front door key is missing or you have left them at work or the keys have been lost. Panic sets in as a dawning realisation occurs that you cant get into your home. If you are older or have children, its the middle of the night or its cold and damp it can be particularly traumatic.

You can take a few steps to prevent it happening in the first place, leaving a spare set of keys with a loved one, family member or a close friend. If your place of work is always open, you can leave a spare in a safe place there, or if you are a tenant them you can ask your landlord to keep a spare set.

The last thing you want to do it break a window to get in to your home and spare keys can often help. What happens if you don't have these options? What do you do?

Call Your Local Ipswich Locksmith

The easiest and most fuss free thing to do is call Paul Montgomery Locksmiths. By the time you have driven to work and back or got a relative out, I can be there to let you in with the minimum of drama. Just 2 minutes on your mobile and I am on my way. I can generally arrive within 30 minutes if you are within a few miles, often sooner if you are in Ipswich.

Once at your property I use specialist tools to gain entry to your home without causing damage to your locks or doors. This is not a break in, or drilling or hammering, this is a professional using specialist tools to defeat your locks in seconds and opening your door. It can be like magic to some customers.

Its what is known as non destructive entry and is just that, getting in a property without a key but without needing to break anything.

There are no call out charges and I will always tell you how much the work is without any hidden extras or surprise charges. I am highly experienced and been providing locksmith services for hundreds of Suffolk customers over many years.

Simple, Fuss Free

Why bother disturbing a relative? or driving in a panic back to work? If your keys are safe and you know they are, its easier to call me out and have you into your home in minutes. I can even cut you a spare key whilst I am there with you and make sure your lock is well maintained. Its as easy as calling then waiting.

Why bother trying to break something to get in, when I get you in without any damage. Completely fuss free and no drama involved.

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