Aluminium Door Lock Repairs

Aluminium Door Locks – Repair and Replacement

If your Aluminium door or its lock is not working correctly, it doesn't always mean its needs replacing. I can save you time and money by adjusting and servicing the mechanism, replacing parts, fitting new handles or just giving it a good clean and alignment check.

As Aluminium doors get older, they can become problematic, getting worn and stiff, seized, misaligned or in some cases ceasing to work completely. This means you have an unsecure door that cannot be opened or shut.

Example Aluminium Door Repair Services

I can carry out the following Aluminium Door Locksmith Services:

  • Repair and Service Sticky Mechanisms.
  • Repair and Upgrade Locks.
  • Fit additional Locks.
  • Replace Faulty Locks.
  • Replace Damaged Door Handles.
  • Re-align Dropped Doors.
  • Replace or repair Multi-Point locks.

Door Locks have several approved British Standards – BS3621 BS8621 BS10621- and I can fit locks for you that adhere to these standards.

Additional Aluminium Door Services

I can upgrade and replace lock barrels, fit additional locks and security, including security chains and spy holes and can also carry out repairs and replacement of all styles of door handle to repair those that are broken or to upgrade them to more secure and modern products.

With years of experience in door security I are your one stop local locksmith for Aluminium Door Lock repairs and servicing in and around Ipswich and Suffolk.

As I am a specialist in these types of repairs I don’t need to charge huge overheads because I have tried and tested equipment and spares to carry out Aluminium door servicing with the minimum of fuss or bother.

Repair not Replace

I will always try to repair your Aluminium Door locks rather than replace, this saves you both time and money and you avoid the expensive overheads of replacing a door with an expensive brand new item.

Adding Aluminium Door Locks

I can repair or replace your Aluminium Door Locks. I can advise you on the upgrading of any of your current locks and also discuss the fitment of additional locks for increased security.

Adding Aluminium Window Locks

I have many years of experience in fitting additional and upgraded Aluminium Window Locks. If you want the best security available for your Aluminium Windows then give me a call and I will be happy to advise and fit any additional security you will need.


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