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Can you change and repair locks on UPVC Windows, Doors and Patio Doors?

Yes I specialise in UPVC fitments using non-destructive entry.

Can you give me some security tips?

  • When you are on holiday have your lights on Timers so it seems you are in
  • Fit a Door Chain and Bolt
  • Fit a Spy Glass in your door to see who is visiting
  • Have a Lit Porch
  • Ensure all your Locks are fitted to BS3621
  • Fit Window Locks
  • Fit correct Locks to Conservatories, Sheds and Garages
  • Have Locks fitted to Skylights
  • Fit Laminated Glass to Double Glazing as it cant easily be broken
  • How I can tell if the locks you fit are good quality?
  • All exterior doors Locks are fitted to BS3621 where required for insurance approval. and carry a full years guarantee.

How quickly can you get to me?

If you are in Ipswich, I can be at your door in under 30 minutes. If you live outside Ipswich and within 25 miles, I can be there within the hour. If you live outside 25 miles please allow up to an hour. Please note that I will try to get there in less time but these times are reasonable estimates based on distance and area.

What is Non-Destructive Entry?

I am professionally trained and experienced at gaining entry into premises without any fuss and any mess or damage to property. If you have lost your keys this should not mean that something has to be damaged further for you to get back in.

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