Gaining Entry

Gaining Entry With Non-Destructive Techniques

Non Destructive Entry Specialist

Non-Destructive Entry means that I will not use drills or other heavy equipment such as sledgehammers to gain entry to your property if you are locked out or have lost your keys.

Non-Destructive Entry means I use my professional locksmith skills to defeat a lock by manipulating its internal mechanism with specialist tools. This means I dont need to damage a lock to gain access into your home.

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I will always use non-destructive entry for all the call outs I attend. If I cannot get into a property using non-destructive entry, which is very rare, I will always inform the customer or owner and we can discuss further options. I will not just go ahead and break things and cause damage.

By using non-destructive entry, your lock will not be damaged and therefore your bill wont increase because you need a new replacement lock. It also means your current existing key will still work.

If you have lost or misplaced your keys and are locked out, I can gain entry to your property efficient, quietly and without fuss or hassle. I can be with you in as little as 30 minutes and sometimes less if you are within Ipswich and within an hour if you are within 35 miles.

Gaining Entry Without Drills and Hammers

With non-destructive entry you do not have to worry that you you will be left with a broken lock unable to secure your home.

With specialist knowledge and a fully stocked van, I am able to carry out any Non-Destructive Entry services to your property. On some occasions I may have to put in a new lock and supply you with another key if I cannot cut one based on your existing lock.

As I am a well trained and experience locksmith, I have the skills and knowledge to open most common lock systems. I have been on many professional training courses and along with years of running my locksmith business in and around Ipswich I have a vast amount of expertise in my field. I only used specialised locksmith tools which do not damage locks.

If you are locked out of your home or office and need a fuss free service to get back in without damage to your property or hardware, call me today.

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