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Unlocking a Neslein cabinet in Suffolk

Opening A Beautiful Cabinet

With things being much quieter than usual due to the understandable and prudent social distancing restriction in place, I have more time to concentrate on some non urgent jobs that have been on the back burner. One of those jobs was this beautiful old vintage oak Neslein Engineers Toolmakers cabinet which was dropped off to me a few weeks ago.

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Locksmith Woodbridge Felixstowe Bury St Edmunds

What to do if you suffer a Burglary in Rural Suffolk

It is unlikely that you will meet a burglar in your home or office because most break-ins happen when a property is empty. It is always best to prepare for a burglary or break-in however. I myself had to go see an elderly couple in August to repair the damage to their locks that had occurred after their Woodbridge home was broken into.

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Is Your Home Safe and Secure This Christmas?

During the winter months it’s extremely important to keep your home or business safe and secure. This is especially true over Christmas when people are out visiting relatives or away from the office and businesses are shut down for at least 2 weeks. This makes homes and businesses prime targets for burglaries, as thieves scout around looking for high value items to steal and sell on at car boot sales or places like eBay. Often these items are gone forever and will never be recovered, ruining Christmas day for family and colleagues.

Here are a few known facts about burglaries over the Christmas period taken from Government sources:

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Emergency Locksmith in Ipswich

I often get called out by customers at all hours of the day for various lock emergencies. Generally this is because someone has either had a burglary, have lost their keys or they have a lock that has broken and won’t work. I am on call and often can be found helping someone who is in a state of panic, get into their home using my non destructive locksmith processes to gain entry to their house, usually at 3am after they have come home from a night out.

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Locksmith 24 Hr Ipswich

Always stop an Ipswich Locksmith who gets a drill out and call another.

It may sound implausible but many locksmith company owners, especially national chains and franchises, simply train their locksmiths to drill out old locks and then replace them with new before trying anything else. This is obviously to save time on the job, charge for new parts and get the maximum profit out of the customer. This is clearly not good if you are a customer who suffers from the experience of needing a locksmith repeatedly due to being prone to losing keys.

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Ipswich Locksmith Tips – When should I change a door lock?

A door that has the correct type of lock and is properly locked is a must in helping prevent burglars getting into your home or business. This is especially true in and around Ipswich where crime seems to be on the rise, it seems not a day goes by without a report of a burglary or break in on the Evening Star website. Replacing a door lock and being proactive about looking after the locks on your house or office entry points is a small price to pay to ensure they are working as they should be. Door locks that are up to date and work well without problems help prevent expensive call-outs from a locksmith and also add defence from intruders. Home or office security should be 100% reliable.

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