What to do if you suffer a Burglary in Rural Suffolk

What to do if you suffer a Burglary in Rural Suffolk

What to do if you suffer a burglary in rural Suffolk

It is unlikely that you will meet a burglar in your home or office because most break-ins happen when a property is empty. It is always best to prepare for a burglary or break-in however. I myself had to go see an elderly couple in August to repair the damage to their locks that had occurred after their Woodbridge home was broken into.

Carry an alarm and make lots of noise.

Always ensure you have a good property alarm system and CCTV, a personal alarm in your pocket, (not your handbag as it can be ripped away from you) always keep your mobile near or carry it around with you and don’t be afraid to make as much noise as you can possibly make if your home is broken into. Scream, throw things, shout, call for help, call the police and try to make any locals aware that something is happening. Anything that is loud and likely to make people pay attention can scare burglars away.

Always have an escape planned

Always have an escape route, talk to your neighbours and ask if it’s possible to run to their property if you feel threatened and scared. Always keep exits clear and run through what you would do. This is also lifesaving if you have a fire in your property. If you have children always ensure you make provisions for adequate escape.
Most burglars will try to access a property via a back door or window and then try to leave via the back door as they are less likely to be seen that way. They will usually head for the bedrooms for jewellery and electronics. Never try to confront a burglar, they may panic and become violent,

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Suffolk Security and How secure is my Safe?

Suffolk Security and How secure is my Safe?

Safes are widely used by many different people, from businesses to homeowners, to keep precious and valuable items safe. Thousands of safes exist throughout the world. So how safe is a safe and what do you look out for when buying one? Are safes as secure as they seem? Will they protect you from a determined criminal? Paul answers your questions in this blog post.

Safes are not as secure as you would imagine.

Safes are not as secure as many people think. Paying for the best quality safe always offers you more protection. A determined and skilled thief will always be able to defeat a safe. A cheap safe will remain secure for seconds whereas a high quality safe will remain secure for maybe a half hour. Paying more for better security gets you more time but does not lessen the chances of a determined criminal eventually gaining access to your valuables. Safes should be used in tandem with other security devices. The more you pay the harder it is for a criminal but that doesn’t mean impossible.

Short and sweet

The most usual thing that happens with a safe is that the criminal will take the whole safe. They won’t hang around with an ear to the combination lock listening for the clicks as depicted in many old black and white movies. A thief is not concerned with being that technical just yet, all they want to do is get the safe out of your house in as little time as possible. Once they have the safe away from the crime scene they can then do what they need to do to crack the safe, even if it takes them days. By then it’s too late, your safe has gone and any valuables along with it.

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Vehicle Locksmith in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk

Over the last week I have had two call outs to attend to owners who have locked themselves out of their vehicles. It is easily done and happens a lot this time of year when people want to keep the warmth inside their cars and keys get misplaced or lost while being dropped with thick gloves on.

The first call out was to visit an owner of a Fiat Ducato Camper Van in Sutton Heath, which is near Woodbridge in Suffolk.They had locked the van keys inside and were just about to head off for a long weekend and came to the realisation it was not going to happen. They phoned me in a bit of a panic and I got to them within 15 minutes as I was in the area. 30 seconds later and they were off on their weekend break to Devon. Happy and smiling which I like to see.

fiat ducato locksmith

The second callout was early on Wednesday morning. A man was late for work as he had locked himself of the car with the keys inside the boot. Unusual as most people lock them in the car itself. The car was a 2005 Mercedes E Class, nice car and not one you want to be locked out of when you are tight for time to get to work. After about 2 minutes of professional locksmithing I was in and the owner set off for work.

2005 Mercedes Locksmith

Using the correct tools and experience allows me to unlock these cars and many other types without damage to the car or lock so if you are worried you may lock yourself out of your vehicle one day its probably a good idea to put my mobile number into your phone: 07873 610131

So what should you do if you lock yourself out of your car or lose your car keys?

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Safe Opening and Post Boxes in Needham and Bures

This week I have had two unusual but very interesting locksmith callouts in the heart of Suffolk. It’s nice to have a bit of variety sometimes and these two jobs definitely qualified as varied. Not what you would call a typical Locksmith task.

The first job I did was out in Needham Market, where I went to visit a customer who runs an Equestrian and Country Clothing shop which has lots of nice things in it.

The task I had before me was to unlock a vintage post box. Quite rare and valuable it was and the owner wanted to restore it to its former glory and place it in the garden as an ornamental feature.

He was going to have it professionally sandblasted and repainted, but first he needed to get into it, which is where I came in. It took a bit of persistence as the lock was very old and stiff, but it paid off and I was able to get in.

This post box was a Royal Mail wall mounted postbox and is fitted with a Chubb Lock and was probably made by WT Allen & Co in London in the 60’s. It’s quite big at about 3 feet tall and 12” deep and is made of cast iron so as you can imagine is quite heavy.

Here are some pre-restoration images of the lovely old postbox:

chubb lock royal mail postbox Royal Mail Postbox Locksmith

royal mail postbox rear vintage postbox locksmith uk

The next job I had was at Bures Primary School and was another unusual request. I was to open an old Safeguard safe. This was quite a small safe but it wouldn’t open. The safe used a cruciform key as well as a combination so was quite a secure little thing.

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