Is Your Home Safe and Secure This Christmas?

During the winter months it’s extremely important to keep your home or business safe and secure. This is especially true over Christmas when people are out visiting relatives or away from the office and businesses are shut down for at least 2 weeks. This makes homes and businesses prime targets for burglaries, as thieves scout around looking for high value items to steal and sell on at car boot sales or places like eBay. Often these items are gone forever and will never be recovered, ruining Christmas day for family and colleagues.

Here are a few known facts about burglaries over the Christmas period taken from Government sources:

  • Burglaries increase by an average of 63.5% over the winter months.
  • Between Halloween and Bonfire night burglaries increase by 27% compared to the rest of the year.
  • Burglaries generally happen between 4pm and 7pm during dark winter evenings.
  • 62% of burglaries occur dung the evening or at night.
  • If you are a Women and aged between 18 and 24 you are in the highest risk category of having to deal with a personal theft, such as a handbag or your purse.
  • January is the month with the highest incidence of burglaries.
  • On average a winter burglary costs the victim £2625.00 but can run into tens of thousands of pounds.
  • Building Insurance claims increase by 52% in the winter months due to burglaries or vandalism.

Make sure you are safe and that your home or business is safe by always having insurance approved locks fitted to BS3621. I can recommend the best locks and upgraded security that you can fit to your property to ensure you are maximising your deterrent and keeping burglars at bay.

Consider having additional locks fitted that are Kite-Marked and contain security features such as anti-snap, anti-bump and can defeat drilling. I can advise you on fitting additional security such as Door Chains, Additional Mortice Bolts, BS 3621 Mortice Deadlocks, Window Locks plus additional security for your outbuildings, such as your sheds, conservatories and garages.

It can be heartbreaking dealing with a burglary or break in so please do call for an audit so you can be safe in the knowledge you are doing everything possible to prevent a burglary.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and if you are worried or unsure or have suffered a burglary, call me, Paul, on 07873 610131

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