Unlocking a Neslein cabinet in Suffolk

Opening A Beautiful Cabinet

With things being much quieter than usual due to the understandable and prudent social distancing restriction in place, I have more time to concentrate on some non urgent jobs that have been on the back burner. One of those jobs was this beautiful old vintage oak Neslein Engineers Toolmakers cabinet which was dropped off to me a few weeks ago.

It belongs to a kindly gentlemen who was desperate to see the sentimental items he knew were inside it. Unfortunately he had lost the keys and so he came to me to have it opened non destructively and with the utmost care.

I found it a pleasure to work on, the craftsmanship was lovely and it is so well made compared to today’s products. It seems things really were better made in yesteryear and produced to last a lifetime.

Unlocking a Neslein cabinet in Suffolk

If you have a precious, sentimental or valuable piece you would like opened without damage or stress, give me a call and discuss your requirements, once of course the lock down is over.

If however you have a genuine emergency and are locked out of your car or home, like this NHS hero was recently, then please give me a call. If you are an NHS employee, I will give you an even bigger discount than I usually do as a thank you for all you are doing.

Discounts for NHS staff

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