Don’t become a victim of crime

It is shocking to come home and find out you have been burgled, all your possessions broken or stolen and your personal space violated. It can take years to get over and some don’t get over it and decided to move. It is a horrible experience to go through. To help keep you safe Paul gives you some tips on how to avoid being burgled.

  • Change your Locks – When you move into a new house always have the locks changed. Even if it is not a new house and you have lived there a while get them changed anyway. Getting locks changed ensures you have the latest technology in security. If you get your keys stolen or you lose them whilst out, get your locks changed as soon as possible.
  • Get your keys registered – Buy high security locks which require that you register them. This means that only you can have them copied by providing adequate proof and identification. This is particularly important if you run a bed and breakfast, a company with many keyholders or a similar establishment.
  • Install an Alarm – Install a burglar alarm, even if its a fake box. Having some form of visual deterrent can mean the difference between being broken into or not. A burglar may choose to rob another premises without a burglar alarm
  • Have better locks than those next door – Having better locks than your neighbours can mean the burglar chooses to rob them instead of you. A burglar will always choose the house or premises that is easiest and quickest to get into. It might just save your life one day.
  • Security Lighting – If you have a house with a dark back garden install Security Lighting or Lights with PIR detection. This means if someone is lurking in the dark areas around your house, if they move the lights will come on which is a great deterrent for people that are not meant to be there. Make sure they are aimed and adjusted correctly so they don’t blind traffic or shine like a laser through a neighbor’s bedroom window every time a cat moves in the middle of the night.
  • Timers – If you are going away add timers to your interior lights, it will make it seem like there is someone in when the lights switch on automatically. Do not have all the lights come on at once but make them random so it appears more natural.
  • Always Lock yourself in – At night always apply any bolts, chains and deadlocks to lock yourself in. Just because you have locked the door does not mean a burglar can’t get in. In fact they can be inside your house in seconds if you just use a lock. Always lock any windows you don’t use very often.
  • Be friendly with people in your street – Get friendly with people living next door or opposite. Doing this means people are more likely to look out for you if anything bad is happening to your house. Being friendly with people around you means you can ask favours like “can you keep an eye on my house” while you go away on holiday. Always return the favour.
  • Add a Spy Hole – Add a spy hole to your door, then you can see who is knocking and if its a stranger you can open the door on the chain you have fitted so you are safer than if you have the door wide open.
  • BS3621 – Make sure your locks are approved by your insurance company and of the latest standard.
  • Check your Locks weekly – check and make sure your locks rotate and work correctly as least once a week. If they are loose or seem worn get them replaced. A worn lock is easier to pick.
  • Window Locks – Lock windows you are not using. Most insurance policies state you should have window locks. These don’t have to be like door locks but they must use a mechanical keyed method to lock the window from being opened and prevent the handles from rotating.

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