Ipswich Locksmith Tips – When should I change a door lock?

A door that has the correct type of lock and is properly locked is a must in helping prevent burglars getting into your home or business. This is especially true in and around Ipswich where crime seems to be on the rise, it seems not a day goes by without a report of a burglary or break in on the Evening Star website. Replacing a door lock and being proactive about looking after the locks on your house or office entry points is a small price to pay to ensure they are working as they should be. Door locks that are up to date and work well without problems help prevent expensive call-outs from a locksmith and also add defence from intruders. Home or office security should be 100% reliable.

So I am going to run through when you should replace a lock and help you see what to look for.

Worn Locks

A work or corroded door lock is a weakness in how secure your home will be. Old, rusty or worn locks are easier to pick, especially on cars and they get harder to open with the correct key the worse the wear becomes. If you have a lock that has a loose key, jams when you try to unlock, appears corroded or you know it’s worn, it’s time to get it replaced. A worn or corroded lock is just waiting to go wrong and either leave you stuck outside or become an easy picking for a criminal.


If you have suffered a burglary or a break in you should immediately see about getting your locks changed. This is a 100% must and I cannot impress on you hard enough how important this is. A break in compromises all of your security, keys can be copied or stolen or spares taken and once that happens future access by a criminal will take seconds. If your door has been forced open you can be sure that this has also caused some damage to your lock and they all should be renewed as a matter of course. A door that has been forced applies loads to a lock, which although designed to be able to cope with once, will ultimately lead to it failing as a result of damage you can’t see.

Stolen Keys or Lost Keys

If your keys are lost or stolen you must replace all your door locks. I would recommend changing your vehicle locks and your shed lock too because you can never be too careful. Once someone has access to your house the security of everything you own with a lock on it is compromised. The first thing to do is replace the entry locks to secure your home or business. This then buys you time to replace the interior locks. Remember that criminals will revisit the scene of the crime more than 50% of the time. Always replace stolen or lost keys and locks as soon as you possibly can.

If you are prone to losing keys, it might be good to consider having a combination lock on the door that requires a code to be pushed in on the buttons to unlock the door. These types of locks also have a key backup in case you cant remember the code. The beauty of these locks is that the combination can be changed if you ever feel uncertain the code is not secure.

New Tenants

If you are a landlord you should consider changing the locks when a tenant leaves. If you have a lodger who leaves again you should consider changing your locks. Only trust those you care certain of 100% with your keys such as your wife or husband or children. Never lend a key to anyone you are not completely sure of. You cannot be sure that a previous tenant did not make a copy of a key.

New House. New Office. New Car

If you have moved into a new house or office, get the locks changed as soon as possible. Same goes for cars, if you are unsure of the previous owner of the car you have purchased, get the locks changed. You can’t be sure the previous owner has not kept a copy of the keys. Better to be safe than sorry.

You Lend out a key and now you are unsure.

If you have lent a key out to someone such as your daughter or son’s ex partner¬†or to a friend that was staying over then get the locks changed. Sometimes burglaries are carried out by those closer to home than you think.

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