Summer is when most burglaries happen

Now that summer is finally here I am sure most of you are happy and excited. Thieves are happy and excited too as summer makes it easy for them to apply their unwanted skills to our homes and businesses.

As is normal in summer it is very warm and as most of us live in homes that do not have aircon, we like to keep our windows and doors wide open to let in the fresh breezy air coming in from the coast at Felixstowe and up the River Orwell.

Mr Burglar takes this as an open invitation to go and treat your house as a car boot sale. Not because they will just walk in, but more due to the fact that when we go out to the shops or go into the garden we forget to close the windows or lock the back door. All they need is one point of entry and 20 seconds later your games console or expensive hi-fi or entertainment centre has gone along with all of nans’ precious gold.

If you have a home security or alarm in place that warns you if you leave windows or doors open then you are lucky but what do you do if you do not have such a system?

Paul has compiled a handy checklist for you to look through to keep you safer through the summer:

  1. When you go out check all the doors and windows are closed and latched correctly. If you have door bolts, then use them, along with any security chains.
  2. Check that any dark areas are well lit if its in the evening. Light areas deter burglars.
  3. Set the house alarm if you have one.
  4. Buy a small safe and put your spare keys, car keys, wallet etc into if you are out in the garden or at the bbq next door.
  5. Don’t advertise on Social Media you are going on a well earned holiday. Thieves use Facebook often to find out when people won’t be in.
  6. Make sure your alarm system is set correctly and do not ignore any error codes. If you have an error code call the alarm company for advice at the earliest opportunity.
  7. Don’t leave the car sunroof open to keep it cool for the morning, it takes less than 2 mins for a professional thief to disable a car alarm and hotwire a car. Most are never recovered and when they are they are damaged or burnt out.
  8. Remember to get your locks checked  by a professional locksmith and ask Paul to see if they are of a good standard. If you live within 35 miles of Ipswich he can easily come and visit you.

With this short list to remember you will be able to enjoy the summer much more relaxed knowing that you are that little bit safer from having your house burgled.

Make it as difficult as possible for the thieves, after all you you worked hard and paid for all your things, not them.





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