Are your locks insurance approved?

I am going to help you identify if your locks are insurance approved with this post.

Burglaries in Ipswich are a huge worry for most homeowners and businesses, with over 900 in the last year alone, but there are steps you can take to help keep your premises secure and stop the thieves getting in.

Make sure at least one lock on each of your external doors is kitemarked to BS3621:2007

Make sure your outside door locks have a Kitemark symbol on them, this is important. Without that kitemark if you are burgled your home insurance won’t be worth anything at all, as all policies will state that locks have to be of a certain standard. Insurance companies will do anything not to pay out.

Check that all your windows and patio doors have key operated locks fitted. These can be the hex key type but as long as they lock it is ok.

Minimise people being able to see into your home, keep the front door shut, use net curtains or blinds and don’t advertise all your expensive possessions. A great one I see all the time is when it gets dark and people show off the fact they have a huge widescreen TV system and Xbox, as you see it flashing through the net curtains. Close the curtains.

If your front door looks well maintained and it looks like it has a modern insurance approved lock fitted, burglars will be far less likely to try and break in. If you have a door that is on its last legs with rusty hinges and a lock that is clearly very old they will know its easy pickings. Thieves do not tend to target houses that are well maintained as they are harder to get into than an old council flat.

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